Tcm weight loss review singapore

This will help avoid falling into the cycle of losing weight and then gaining it again over time. However, several Tcm weight loss review singapore have shown that acupuncture has led to weight aingapore. Paces Ferry Road, Suite Xin Hua Menu Home. It is one of the best ways erview detox the body. We use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat:. Always, always just hiding behind something. Therefore acupuncture is helpful if you are trying to lose weight. If you are interested in their TCM slimming services, these are the 2 main treatments offered at Han Dian TCM — acupuncture and cupping :. I'm mitsuekiaka Daphy! Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Aimin Acupuncture Weight Loss Centre is right for you. Singapore's Health and Fitness Guide Home. This blog, started on 19 November is where I pen and share my random bits of musings, thoughts, ideas and rants about food, fashion, current affairs and news, my life and Tcm weight loss review singapore. Learn how to enable cookies. Let our physician diagnose your condition and advise you which slimming therapy is suitable for you.

This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services - Click here for information. Singapore Top Travel, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle Blog. Monday, November 11, Weight Loss: TCM Slimming with Slim Couture. If you've seen my twitter, follow me yinagohyou might have seen the above tweets I posted a couple of weeks ago, about my new slimming endeavours!

I hesitate to call it a slimming programme cos that makes it sound like a fad diet of sorts, but my latest attempt to lose the fat and shed off some weight actually involves a very holistic approach with Tcm weight loss review singapore traditional chinese medicine as well as a healthy diet dictated by the slimming salon! What really reeview me interested though, was that Wan Ting told me about how she herself lost 7kg in 6 weeks time with Slim Couture!

I was shocked when she told me about her huge weight loss, and was totally sold. I then visited Slim Couture 's Facebook pageand looked through ALL the testimonials and weighr they posted up. You know how some big brand revied companies always promise incredible results, with beautifully air-brushed photos, and an unbelievable before and after comparison photo? There was none of that sleekness and blatant advertising that I'd come to associate with slimming companies, but Slim Couture 's Facebook page was filled with screenshots of testimonials sent in by customers, and Tcm weight loss review singapore authentic-looking "before and after" photos.

You know it's real because the "after" photos are not perfect bods or airbrushed by any means, but showed clear improvement and results on customers, in a realistic and believable way. If you're a long time reader of my blog, you'd know that I've been battling with weight loss issues my entire life. I losw fat until I hit my 20s, when I lost more than 10kg with slimming pills, hardcore exercise, and by singxpore very little.

It might not have been the healthiest method, but yes, it worked for me singaplre then and I singapofe 10kg, Tcm weight loss review singapore dropped about 2 dress sizes. The last time I blogged about singaporre loss and keeping healthy was almost a year ago, when I was at Amore Fitness for personal training and classes. And I really can't help it sometimes, because I tend to eat very well especially with my friends, YZ and my family : Unlike the lucky girls out there, I put on weight VERY easily.

Tcm weight loss review singapore when I weighed-in at Slim Couture during my first session on the 17th of October, I was feeling quite depressed already. For the record, I weighed And even worse than the weight, were the photos I had to take in my underwear standard protocol for before-and-after comparisons because I TTcm SO BAD.

Not even loas about how terrible I looked. I have actually been avoiding looking at myself in full-length mirrors for the past few months when I'm not dressed, because it makes me feel so lousy about myself : It was like reality crashing in on me, when I looked at the photos of myself with my unsightly fats that couldn't be hidden anymore. If you're going to exclaim "But you where got fat?! I can get Tcm weight loss review singapore with it because I have quite a small face, and genetically skinny wrists, calves and long legs.

But aeight actual fact, I'm a big UK8 for tops and fat UK10 for bottoms, and TVD clothes in size M are getting tight on me. Super FML because I can't even fit into the clothes I manufacture anymore. The worst thing is that I have to go out so often to meet people professionally, as a blogger, revieww a business owner. And I feel so insecure and unconfident when I know that I'm not looking my best.

So I've been trying my best to cover up with long-sleeved apparels like blazers and singaopre tops in order to hide my fats : And you know what? MY FRIENDS ARE ALL SLIM, TALL AND PRETTY. Or two out of the above three. That does wonders for my self-esteem, I can tell you. There are times when I really hate myself and what I see in the mirror.

In my 26 wfight, I've tried practically everything when it comes to weight wwight. Cardio and running, personal training, detoxes, slimming machines and treatments, crash diets, even appetite suppressant pills.

Tcm weight loss review singapore

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